Big B Biriyani

We make Real Dum Chicken Biriyani using Original Rose Brand Kaima Rice (Short Rice) blended with fresh chicken, pure ghee, coconut oil, grinded whole spices, green chilies, fried onions, cashews, raisins, tomatoes, mint-coriander leaves and with riped pineapple.All together it gives a distinctive flavor of aromatic spices with a perfect balance between hot and spicy which treats to your taste buds. We are sure “Big-B-Biriyani“ will make an impression on everyone who tries it out.Boiled egg, pappad, pickle and raita are the best companion of Big-B-Biriyani.We always keep away ajinomoto, colours, packet spice powders, tasting agents and flavouring agents from Big-B-Biriyani.Enjoy the bloat free Biriyani day with QbuyPanda.

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